Black Spinel for medical purposes: PadWalk

Interactive Led video floor Black Spinel for medical purposes: an adaptable game for gait rehabilitation using LedGo’s technology!

Results after real live testing with patients in rehabilitation center ‘De Hoogstraat’, Utrecht

  • High level of motivation and engagement
  • Trains gait performance in an intuitive and implicit way
  • Enthusiastic patients’ reactions after test. Majority of patients stated either that this way of training is better then the conventional intervention, or that it was very pleasant and attractive additional training next to their conventional therapy.
  • Almost all patients were motivated to improve their scores after each level and showed their competitive behavior
  • The pediatric patients surprisingly demonstrated no fear, some even showed longer walking distances without pain compared to their conventional therapy

Not only the young were immersed in the game, the older patients were also immersed and indicated enjoyment. So everyone benefits!